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Well, here. For what it's worth, anyway...

A black cloud of roiling dust and shattered leaves billowed from the forest outside Rahsia. Rain pounded the countryside as a figure clad in black leaned in a doorframe, blending into the deep blue sky.

"Er... Y - you know Brian, right?"

"Call me Marin, alright?"


"It's not as creepy as Ordiun, is it?"

"Well no..."

Marin turned away from the doorway and looked at the boy standing before him. Elegain was the first to speak since Brian had left. Marin smiled down at him. "Yes, I know
Brian. Why?"

"Well... Will he be alright?"

"Who, Brian?" Elegain nodded. Marin's eyes closed, as he remembered times long ago. "Brian used to do this all the time. Storm off if he got really angry, or sad, and just be very violent." He smiled at Yoruka. "He was hot-tempered as a seven year old. We used to find dead animals all the time..."

Calamine rubbed her forehead. "You mean that... person out there used to go out and kill cats and dogs when he got angry?"

Marin grinned a bit more maliciously than made Calamine comfortable. "I didn't say that." She relaxed a bit. "It was mostly imps and the lesser demons that hung around where we lived." Calamine shot up from her chair. "Of course," Marin continued as if he hadn't noticed, "that was before his mother left. He calmed down a lot after that." He smiled again, not quite as nastily. "I always thought it was a bit odd."

"You call a seven year old killing demons odd!? Just odd!?

"No. It's odd that he stopped."

Over Marin's shoulder, a veritable fountain of viscious black fluid shot into the sky. He glanced at it, and back at the quiet group before him. "He's a bit better now, it would seem. Does an old man proud."

Yoruka frowned. "Wish he'd have left us the door." Marin craned his neck and looked outside, where the shattered remnants of the door lay, with raindrops spatting from its surface. "He wasn't this uncontrolled at the Academy."

Marin waved a hand. "He didn't have someone," he stopped, "ah, several someones trying to kill him at the time." He smiled at the older man. "Unless you've been using different training methods than when I attended?" Yoruka snorted.

Elegain stood up again. "M-Marin, sir?" Marin rolled his head to the side, peering at the musician. "Yes?"

"Well... Why - why is Brian like that? Uh..." He glanced out the door moments before another gout of blackness poured out. "Like..."

Marin stopped him. "Hmm. Interesting." He glanced around the room once. "None of you know what Brian is?"

Rill, fists still clenched from the morning's news, managed to grate out "An empath?" before he turned back to the window.

Marin threw him a sidelong glance. "Not quite."


Brian wondered momentarily what everyone thought. He almost idly pulled the arm off another imp and took another's head off with the appendage. He grinned as the blood splattered him in the face. Ah well. Dad's probably suckering them into one of his performances... Gods-forsaken bastard! A huge, drooling creature of fur and yellowed claws leapt at Brian's eyes. The pale boy, dripping with blood, leapt forward as well, sinking his teeth into the animal's neck. His sword swung wildly from his hip, slapping into his thigh again and again. Rage clouded his vision again. His arm swung out, unheeded, and rent a hundred year old tree into splinters. How dare she leave like that!? His elbow snaked out and slammed into the chest of a chitinous spider hybrid, splintering its armor and tearing the heart to pieces. Does she think it's safe? A great, slimy worm, massive in length and breadth, burst from the earth under Brian's feet. He took the corpse of the spider creature and hurled: it passed through the worm's body, whipping it around. Brian sped towards it and came in underneath it, rising up and splintering the body, huge gouts of black blood spewing into the sky to mingle with the rain.

She'll probably die. It's my fault. I shouldn't have involved anyone else! Waves of air tore through the forest, like the sky was retreating from the raging youth in his man-made clearing. He screamed as fire ripped through his back.


Marin looked around the room again. "Well... it's generally not that good of an idea to get him angry if he can't go off by himself, right?" He noted the blank stares around him with a nod. "Right. Hasn't been that long, has it? He hasn't been angry yet, has he?" Everyone shook their heads. "Peculiar things tend to happen when a fey has the child of a human. Even weirder things when the human arguably has the most power over nether demons, wouldn't you say?" He smiled at his spellbound audience. One doesn't need magic for this. "Brian is blinded by his anger, and dark creatures are attracted by it. The angrier he gets, the nastier the critters that come for him. Of course, it's not really that useful." He shrugged, quite artfully, he thought, setting up a nice air of nonchalance for his next statment. "Everything around him tends to die when he gets angry. Flora, fauna, friends, doesn't matter. Everything dies." Even Rill, so angry he hadn't recaptured his debonair attitude since they'd learned that Jenica ran off, paled and slumped against the wall.


Silverstaff watched his intended target with quiet amusement, floating well out of range of the now regular spasms of blood the boy sent up. He held his right hand in front of his face, dangling quicksilver from the fingertips, waving his fingers in languid motions and watching the reflections of the dark colors of the sky. He balled them into a fist, and opened his hand with a small, slim blade. He twirled it expertly in his fingers and smiled down at Brian. The moment he expected came, and his smile grew fuller.


Brian finally stopped screaming, panting desperately for breath. A half dozen imps leapt from behind a worm-corpse, chittering and keening. Brian expanded, suddenly standing, sparkling light cutting through the darkened air, great wings of glittering glass sweeping behind him. His sword began to vibrate and sing at his side. The air stilled. The rain halted. Around the clearing, the pouring continued. The imps recoiled in terror. Brian turned his gaze on them, and they exploded in smoking pieces. He smiled. He turned his gaze toward the town he'd just left, and his great wings beat once, twice. He drew the sword. It screamed in delight. He felt a sharp prick in his right shoulder. He glared down at a small blade protruding there. He felt rain against his face, as the light faded and a great crash came, weight lifting from his suddenly tired body. He slumped into the mud.


Marin shook his head. "So none of you know what a Chaos Angel is?"
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