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HAHA! Its back!

Marin's grip on his audience was, however, suddenly shattered as the ship rocked under a massive impact, throwing everyone to the floor. Calamine was the first to recover, springing to her feet and drawing her slender rapier as she rushed out onto the deck of her beleaguered ship. Rain pelted the deck as her crewmen ran to assess the damage and to find the enemy attacking the ship. Calamine ran to the starboard railing, looked overboard, and paled. The ship had been struck by some fairly large object, which had punched through the hull. Fighting could be heard from below decks, and climbing out of the hole and up the hull were two jet black figures. Calamine turned to the others, who had just recovered and were emerging from the cabin, and yelled to them "Boarders! Get below decks!"

As she turned back to the ship's railing, the first of the two figures slipped up onto the deck. Calamine recoiled with horror; what stood before her appeared to be a man clad entirely in jet black, but on closer inspection actually seemed to be a human shaped blob of darkness. It moved with a fluid nature, bending and flowing impossibly as it launched a fast and dizzying attack with its dark scimitar. Calamine retreated, completely on the defensive, her hands moving from years of practice and trained instinct, dagger and rapier barely parrying the single dark blade.

As Rill, Loki, and Elegain ran below decks, Marin swore as he saw their attackers. He took two steps and spun, his body disappeared into shadow as he did so, and reappeared in the shadows on the deck, behind Calamine's attacker. He ran his hand into the shadow creature's back, sending a ripple through its viscous surface. The creatured let out an unearthly cry, and to Calamine's shock seemed to dissolve into the long dusk shadows of the deck.

Below deck, Rill and Loki joined the crew of the Cloak of Darkness in battle with the shades. The creatures moved with speed and grace, but were outnumbered by Calamine's pirates, who had fought unknown supernatural attackers many times before. Gradually, the creatures fell, but none of them fell alone.

On the deck, Ordiun dispatched the last of the shades just in time to see a silver figure take flight from the clearing in the woods, carrying the limp form that he immediately recognized as his son's unconscious body.

(OOC-I figure Brian won't stay kidnapped for long. Also, I didn't intend for any of our main characters to have been killed in the fight below decks, but probably they'll be pretty banged up. I also figured anyone with cool shadow powers should clearly have the ability to teleport between shadows. Oh, and yeah, hope to finally get this going again, after almost a year :) )
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